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Book Culture Selects FAQ

We got an overwhelming response from our Book Culture Selects Survey-- thank you!!! Something I learned right away is that we just don’t know each other well enough! But never fear. I am here to break the ice and let you in on all the wonderful details of the Book Culture Selects program!

Book Culture Selects: September Picks

Another month, another batch of exciting books sent out to our loyal subscribers through the Book Culture Selects program! What could be better than getting a book sent right to your door so you can skip the middle man and get right to curling up with something new to read as the weather cools down? I certainly can't think of anything.

Summer with Book Culture Selects

We here at Book Culture take summer reading very seriously. During the dog days of July and August, we were hard at work curating timely reading lists for our lovely subscribers through the Book Culture Selects program. For a peek into what our booksellers have been gushing about lately, check out our picks from July and August!