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Women in Translation Month: Q&A with translator Susan Bernofsky

This month we've been talking, blogging, and tweeting about women in translation. We started with recommendations from the staff; next, we wanted to hear from the translators themselves! First up is Susan Bernofsky, the acclaimed translator of Robert Walser, Franz Kafka, Jenny Erpenbeck, and Yoko Tawada, among others, and the director of the Literary Translation program in the MFA Writing Program at Columbia University. Bernofsky was kind enough to answer some questions for us about Women in Translation month. 


Summer with Book Culture Selects

We here at Book Culture take summer reading very seriously. During the dog days of July and August, we were hard at work curating timely reading lists for our lovely subscribers through the Book Culture Selects program. For a peek into what our booksellers have been gushing about lately, check out our picks from July and August!

August is Women in Translation Month!

There's a widely cited statistic that only three percent of books published in the U.S. are works in translation. This should trouble those of us who love to read: imagine what we're missing out on! But the statistics are even worse when it comes to women in translation. Translator Meytal Radzinsky started Women in Translation Month two years ago in order to draw attention to the problem. According to her statistics, only 30% of new English language translations are books by women--which means that books by women in translation make up less than one percent of all books published each year in the U.S. That's pretty dismal. 

The Potter Family, Part 4: Young Readers

The Cursed Child is coming out! Jim Kay is illustrating the series! Newt is getting his own movie! These are all excellent things, and there is so much joy in this series that I’m glad we can spend more time with what J.K. Rowling has created. However, there are plenty of other books that can be read in addition to them. This is the final post in a series on Harry Potter read likes for all ages. Next up: read alikes for young readers.