Meet the Staff At Book Culture on Columbus: Caroline Russ

Caroline (1)
I’m originally from Buffalo, New York.  I moved to New York City over the summer and started working at Book Culture shortly after, about two months ago. Besides reading, I like to dance and watch television.  (Still working on finding real adult activities).
What is your role as a bookseller for Book Culture?
I work the registers, shelve and organize books, help with customers, and generally do any task that a manager asks me to do.
How did you come to be join the Book Culture family?
Last spring I graduated from Cornell University as an American Studies major and came to New York to be near some friends and family. Unsure of my career goals, I took the opportunity to work at Book Culture while figuring out if I want to apply to law school eventually. Since then, I’ve become reacquainted with reading solely for pleasure!
What are your areas of expertise? 
I don’t think that I’ve been a bookseller long enough to have any real area of expertise, but from my time at Cornell I have a pretty good knowledge of American history, film, literature, and culture. Also, the books I read are the same ones Columbia students have been buying at the store on 112th, so I’m familiar with the type of customers I’ve been helping and the books that they’re buying.
What are you currently reading?
Friendship, by Emily Gould. It’s about two women in their twenties who are living in New York and feeling slightly adrift in their personal and professional lives, a situation that is not too hard to relate to these days.
What are you looking forward to most at Book Culture on Columbus?

I’m most excited about this store having a big children’s section, because I think it will be nice to watch children get excited about books, not iPads, or electronics. I’m especially looking forward to the energy that they bring during the holiday season, and just holiday time at a bookstore in general. Basically I’m imagining Meg Ryan’s life in You’ve Got Mail as my own life now.

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