Meet The Staff at Book Culture on Columbus: Skylar Neil

I’ve been working at Book Culture for almost two years now—one year at the 112th St. location and one at Broadway. I’m a refugee from academia (with a PhD in Archaeology) and have taken quite a shine to bookslinging. Oh, and I also play rugby with the New York Rugby Club women’s team.

What is your role as the manager for Book Culture?
Behind the scenes, I do the backlist buying for Broadway and help order sidelines and cards for both Broadway and Columbus. On the floor, I’m a Jill of All Trades—customer service, merchandizing, restocking, receiving, &c. &c.

How did you come to join the Book Culture family?
I moved to New York three years ago and started at Book Culture as a way to structure my time during the final stages of my dissertation. Fast forward to now, and I’m still here! I love learning the ins and outs of the book business, and it’s been an exciting experience to help open a new store.

What are your areas of expertise?
Academically speaking, you can come to me for questions about Ancient History, Classics and Archaeology. In my spare time, I read a lot of Sci-Fi & Fantasy, and I’ve been working to catch up on the years of literary fiction I missed out on during the PhD slog.

What are you currently reading?
The Peripheral, William Gibson’s latest—it’s fantastic!

What you’re looking forward to most at Book Culture on Columbus?
I’m a total sales numbers nerd, so I’m excited to get to know our new neighbors and learn about the kinds of things they like or dislike. Buying is a lot like gambling, and I’m looking forward to seeing how our bets are going to play out!

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