Book Culture on Columbus Celebrates Diversity in YA!

Book Culture on Columbus Celebrates Diversity in YA! 
Inspired by We Need Diverse Books, a campaign that promotes children's literature "that reflects and honor the lives of all young people," we here at Book Culture on Columbus decided to take a look at the books we had on our shelves. Like many publishers, libraries, and bookstores across the nation, we realized immediately that Book Culture could provide our teen readers with a larger spectrum of voices. 
So we brainstormed. What books could add diversity to our YA section? A small list formed, mostly full of the top-selling titles, like The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian or Brown Girl Dreaming, but we wanted to move beyond these few. Lots of research and thought followed in an attempt to create a selection of books that highlighted a unique experience. 
Slowly but steadily, we ordered books. As the books arrived, we transformed our YA table into a We Need Diverse Books table. Want to read about a Hasidic Jewish girl who fights monsters? We've got it. Maybe you're in the mood for a cute gay romance? A story about a boy growing up homeless in the Bronx? The account of a girl who always wished to be a boy? The tale of a girl who fled Vietnam after the war only to end up in Alabama? We have all of the above and more. 
Stop by the store and check out the table. You never know what you'll find. Pick out something that represents your own experiences or step outside of your comfort zone and take a look at a story from a different perspective. 
Where to find We Need Diverse Books: 
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