Book Culture Selects FAQ

We got an overwhelming response from our Book Culture Selects Survey-- thank you!!! Something I learned right away is that we just don’t know each other well enough! But never fear. I am here to break the ice and let you in on all the wonderful details of the Book Culture Selects program!

So, what exactly IS Book Culture Selects?
Glad you asked! Book Culture Selects is a subscription program where readers can sign up for a year of books handpicked by our hardworking booksellers! Every month, we pick a book for each program and handwrite a letter for each subscriber explaining why we think it’s so awesome . Then, we gift-wrap it and box it up, and it gets delivered right to your door!

Do I have to get a book every month?
No! You can sign up for a monthly, bimonthly, or quarterly subscription at this time! This means you could get 12, 6, or 4 books in a year, respectively.

What happens if I receive a book I’ve already read? Am I stuck with it?
No worries at all. You are free to return any book you receive from Book Culture Selects in exchange for store credit!

Who picks what books get sent out?
Books can be nominated for the New and Noteworthy programs by any member of the Book Culture family. Owners and booksellers alike have picked books they’re passionate about and sent them out! We try to incorporate as many different viewpoints and reading tastes as possible. The other three programs are run by specific Book Culture managers who are experts in the subjects their programs explore! Read on to find out a bit more about what that means.

Is it all one program? What kinds of books would I be getting?
Right now we have five different Book Culture Selects programs: New and Noteworthy Fiction, New and Noteworthy Non-Fiction, Literature in Translation, Around the World, and Forever Young Adult. Here’s a little more information about each one!

New and Noteworthy programs
Currently available in paperback and hardcover plans
There’s so many new books coming out all the time. How can you possibly keep track and make sure you’re reading the newest, most interesting stuff? Don’t worry. We’ll take care of it. Books sent out for the New and Noteworthy programs will be selected within three months of their publication date, to ensure optimum freshness!

The New and Noteworthy Fiction will be literary fiction. Past selections have gone on to award shortlists and NYT bestselling fame!

The New and Noteworthy Nonfiction will cover a range of subjects and viewpoints. Past selections have varied from nature, to current affairs, to mathematics, to history, to psychology.


Literature in Translation
Currently available in paperback
This program is curated by one of the managers at the Columbus location. Ranging from the cutting edge of new translated works to timeless classics of the genre, this program promises to provide readers with a fascinating range of cultures, stories, and viewpoints while underscoring the universality of experience regardless of language.




Around the World
Currently available in paperback
This program is curated by one of the managers at the 112 location. Travel the world simply by adding to your bookshelf! Each book selected for this program will explore a different place around the globe- its culture, its people, and its reality. Priority will be placed on minority and LGBTQ authors, so their voices and experiences can be explored more fully.




Forever Young Adult
Currently available in hardcover
This program is curated by me, one of the managers at the Columbus location. If you have a voracious teen reader on your hands and you can’t get them books fast enough, never fear. I’ll do the reading for you. Only the newest, coolest, weirdest, best new YA books out there will cross your doorstep. If that means contemporary realistic stories, or strange and daring sci-fi/fantasy worlds, we’ll find out together.




Got more questions? Here are a few useful links that might help!

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  • For price information and to sign up for a subscription, visit the main Book Culture Selects page

Still have questions? Feel free to email me at and I’d be happy to talk with you!

Happy reading!
Haley, Book Culture Selects Coordinator and Manager at Book Culture on Columbus