Q&A with Esther Crow

On April 25th, Esther Crow, of the children's band Thunder and Sunshine, will be joining us for a special storytime at Book Culture Columbus. 

1) How did you come to write songs for children?

It's very cliche, but I've been writing songs for years-- mostly for my "adult" rock band, The Electric Mess- and in 2013, I had a son, started listening to some kids music, and decided: hey...why don't I try writing songs for KIDS?! I really wanted to bring elements from my childhood, and the music I grew up with in the 70's and 80's. So a lot of the sounds have a throw-back vibe. My band, Thunder and Sunshine, also has three female co-lead singers, which isn't very common in the kids music world right now. So I saw an opportunity to bring something new to the genre. 

2) What are some children's music projects that are you excited about?

A lot of children's music from the past, like They Might Be Giants, is what I like to tune into, with my son. But I recently discovered a band out of Oklahoma that's really good called The Sugar Free Allstars. Check them out! The Pop Ups, which are a local band, are also quite good. 

3) Do you have a personal favorite children's song of all time? If so, can you share it and tell us why?

Hmmm....that's hard! But off the top of my head, in terms of traditional kids songs...I love: "Sing a song". But then again, isn't that a Carpenter's song? Not even really a kids song! But there are so many songs that are great for kids and adults alike-- take any Simon and Garfunkel tune or Beatles tunes. Good music transcends age groups! 

4) What’s next? Any upcoming projects in the works that you can tell us about?

Yes! Thanks for asking! I'm very excited for Thunder and Sunshine's anniversary party at the West End Lounge right on 107th Street at WEA! It's Saturday, May 6th at 4pm. Tickets here!  And I'm also really excited to unveil our first animated video, which should be out in the beginning of June! i'll keep you posted on that!

Thanks, Esther!