Get your coursebooks cheaper at Book Culture!

The back to school season is upon us, and this means it's also time to buy coursebooks. Students always try to save as much money as possible, while still getting the books they need. Because our coursebooks are tax exempt, and you don't pay for or wait for shipping, Book Culture is one of the best options to get your coursebooks. Sign up for our student membership and save 10% on everything in the store for the entire time you're a student! Sara, a student at Barnard, learned this firsthand, when she calculated how much it would cost to get all of her books through us or through Amazon. Read what she found out below:

I love you guys and have been buying my books from you since I came to Barnard in 2014, but this year my parents offered to pay for my coursebooks if I bought them on Amazon, where they are presumably cheapest. Thing is, I hate Amazon with a burning fiery passion, and had a suspicion that the difference wouldn't be too huge. So I asked I could buy my books from Book Culture and they would reimburse me as much as the Amazon books would cost. They agreed.

I tallied it up, and took screenshots—buying the cheapest used books at minimum of "good" quality from amazon. My total with tax and shipping came to $459. But there were 3 books that were unavailable on Amazon full stop, which at Book Culture cost $67 altogether. So shopping at Amazon this semester would have cost me: $526.

Instead, I bought all my books at Book Culture and they cost $346.

That's $180 that Sara saved by shopping with us! She perfectly captured what we've been saying for years that when you account for taxes and shipping costs, (not to mention the waiting at the mail room etc.) buying from Book Culture is buying at the most competitive prices, while still shopping local and supporting your community. Thanks for the kind words, Sara!

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