Book Culture LIC Staff Profile: Adam!

As we prepare to open Book Culture Long Island City, meet all the great staff we will have working there. In this blog post, get to know Adam!

Adam Barresse - Manager

Bio: After growing up and attending school in New Jersey, I made my way to New York about two years ago. Having some brief bookselling experience in the past and a lifelong love of literature, I found an opening at Book Culture on Columbus and haven't glanced back across the river since. 

1) What is your role as a manager for Book Culture? 

After having spent time as a bookseller and as the receiving manager at Book Culture on Columbus overseeing inventory and shipments, I am excited to return to the sales floor and sharpen up my recommendations! 

2) How did you come to join the Book Culture family? 

I guess I have the "we met on tinder" version of my Book Culture origin story-- no eyes meeting from across a busy street, wandering in for the first time already in love. Rather, I found a posting online, did the requisite background profile stalking, and only then did I wander in and fall in love.

3) What are your areas of expertise?

I tend to read mostly literature with some biographies thrown in to try to keep me a little bit grounded. I gravitate toward American postmodern writers, and have developed a growing obsession with short stories that is slowly consuming my bookshelves

4) What are you currently reading?

Too many collections! Her Body & Other Parties  by Carmen Maria Macahado, Fresh Complaint by Jeffrey Eugenides, Sour Heart by Jenny Zhang, among others.

5) What are you looking forward to most at Book Culture LIC?

I'm very excited to learn the reading habits of a new neighborhood; it's always interesting to see the incredible diversity and different backgrounds that this city has to offer, particularly through the lens of literature.

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