Get My Preservation Journal at Book Culture on Columbus!

Available now at Book Culture on Columbus, My Preservation Journal is the linchpin of a multifaceted school program for grades K-5 called Keeping the Past for the Future (KPF).  KPF introduces students to the concept of architectural design, its importance in their everyday lives, the story of the neighborhood’s development, and the need to preserve it for their own future.

My Preservation Journal is an interactive study guide that will engage any reader in an ongoing dialogue concerning their built environment, while developing strong visual and critical thinking skills. The Journal has been recently updated to highlight civic engagement and expand upon architecture’s intersection with social and economic developments.  Included is additional material on public transportation, housing types, sensitive new design and construction, as well as preservation and environmental issues.

In studying and exploring their own surroundings as they were and as they are today, readers can relate local history to their own world of home, school, and neighborhood. While the material is specific to the Upper West Side, a primary goal of this program is to introduce the general concept of architectural heritage as a “living” visual record of the past.  

My Preservation Journal empowers young people with knowledge and a sense of place within their neighborhood, instilling an awareness of each individual’s responsibility to be a good steward of their built environment, urban ecology and quality-of-life.  However, with its mix of archival and contemporary photographs, maps and thoughtful interactive questions, My Preservation Journal is an enjoyable journey for readers of any age.

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