Summer Reading 2022: Book Culture on Broadway

It's finally here, our favorite time of the year: summer reading season! There's just something about the warm weather that gets us excited to get lost in a good book, whether it's a classic that we're revisiting (or finally getting to!) or that new book we've been hearing so much about. Here, then, are some of the books we're looking forward to reading this summer.

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Peter's Reading List

  1. Nevada by Imogen Binnie
    FSG is a hero for reissuing this cult classic, which I first encountered in a literature course on queer form(s). I can't wait to reread this hilarious, fresh take on the classic American road trip saga--starring a New York City bookseller, no less.
  2. The Trees Witness Everything by Victoria Chang
    Like many, I've been blown away by this prolific poet's impressive oeuvre. This is her third book in as many years and I'm curious to see this formalist's take on the Japanese waka. She'll surely breathe new life into the form, as she does with each and every word she utters.
  3. Ultramarine by Wayne Koestenbaum
    I'm super excited to dive into the conclusion to Koestenbaum's trance poem trilogy. When I read the first installment, The Pink Trance Notebooks, I was so comforted by Koestenbaum's quintessential play and eroticism, which I desperately crave more of from contemporary poetry.


Josie's Reading List

  1. Go Hex Yourself by Jessica Clare
    The Barnes and Noble Maplewood Mall TikTok account made a video about how weird it is to have two Reylo fanfics be published in the past few months back-to-back. One of them was obviously The Love Hypothesis by Ali Hazelwood. The other one was Go Hex Yourself. It follows Reggie Johnson after she answers a job ad in the paper only to find out she applied to be a witch's familiar. Seeing as The Love Hypothesis was my first staff pick at Broadway, it feels like my civic duty to check out Clare's book and let the people know if it's worth it.
  2. Daughter of the Moon Goddess by Sue Lynn Tan
    Each time I shelve this book, I find myself reading a new page every time. Which means, I'm clearly interested, so it is about time I read Sue Lynn Tan's lauded debut inspired by the legend of the Chinese moon goddess. Plus, Stephanie Garber blurbed it, and I trust Garber's judgement because Caraval is one of my favorite books.
  3. Love in the Time of Serial Killers by Alicia Thompson
    Why do I want to read this? The title is great. I love romance novels, and the description sounds utterly promising. Though I'm not a true crime fan myself, it'll be fun diving into the mind of someone who is--especially one whose worst fear is a guy that's actually decent.


Marissa's Reading List

  1. Enjoy Me Among My Ruins by Juniper Fitzgerald
    This upcoming title from Feminist Press first caught my eye because of the cover, which uses a painting by one of my favorite artists, Elisabetta Sirani (look her up, she's awesome!). After judging the book by it's cover, I delved in to find that it's an experimental memoir written by a queer sex-working mother that's interspersed with childhood letters she wrote to Gillian Anderson at the peak of her X-Files fame. Ya got me hook, line, and sinker.
  2. Heaven Official's Blessing: Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation Vol. 3  by Mo Xiang Tong Xiu
    If you know me at all, you know that since 2020, I have been screaming, laughing, crying about Mo Xiang Tong Xiu's wuxia/xianxia web-novels and their subsequent TV shows. 2021 brought the wonderful news of official English translations for all 3 of her books and I have been (im)patiently waiting with bated breath for each new release. Volume 3 of each book comes out this summer, but Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation -- with Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji's tragic, necromantic, war-torn love story -- was the one that started it all.
  3. A Clash of Steel by C. B. Lee
    Have you watched Our Flag Means Death, the new pirate parody TV show on HBOMax, yet? Well, I can never like something a normal amount so I have watched the whole series multiple times and am thirsty for more queer pirate content. This YA adventure novel seems to fit the ticket -- a 'Treasure Island Remix', it claims, awash with Chinese folklore, swashbuckling shenanigans, and sapphics on a boat. Will it hold up to the most iconic adaptation of Stevenson's novel, Muppet Treasure Island? Impossible but let's hope it gets close.


Helena's Reading List

  1. Vigil Harbor by Julia Glass
    Glass’s 2002 National Book Award winning novel Three Junes changed me permanently after I picked it up at random from my high school Sophomore English Teacher’s bookshelf; excited to see where her latest takes me.
  2. The Likeness by Tana French
    I’m woefully behind on French’s excellently written Dublin Murder Squad series. Good thing the summer is the perfect season for reading mysteries (after autumn of course. And winter).
  3. I Kissed Shara Wheeler by Casey McQuiston
    Books about the woes and misfortunes of high school are great reads if you’re not currently in high school, and haven’t been for eleven years. Plus, the color scheme of this dust jacket just screams Watermelon Lip Smackers, an essential component to childhood summers spent reading by the pool.



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