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Columbia University Press Party

In honor of University Press week, Book Culture hosted a party to celebrate Columbia University Press. We asked some of the attendees for book recommendations, which yielded eclectic results.

Meredith Howard, a director of marketing at Columbia University Press, is currently reading Do This For Me, by Eliza Kennedy, about a high-powered lawyer who plots revenge after learning of her husband’s infidelity. Next up is Neil deGrasse Tyson’s Accessory to War, about the relationship between astrophysicists and the US Military.

#WiTM Spotlight with Lynne Sharon Schwartz

Run for your life 9781632061652 hrAs a part of our ongoing series highlighting books for Women in Translation Month, translator Lynne Sharon Schwartz was kind enough to answer a few questions about a recent project, Run for Your Life by Silvana Gandolfi, and her experience as a translator. 

See the questions below and also take a look at the anthology she edited, Crossing Borders: Stories and Essays about Translation.