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09/15/2022 | New Release Spotlight | From the Buyer's Desk | 2022

Signed Copies of REBEL WITH A CLAUSE by Ellen Jovin

Order your signed copy of Ellen Jovin's new book, Rebel with a Clause: Tales and Tips from a Roving Grammarian, today! 

Order your personalized, signed copy today by purchasing through our website. Be sure to include any personalization you want included in your signed copy in the Order Comments field at checkout.   

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07/27/2022 | 2022 | From the Buyer's Desk | New Release Spotlight

Q & A with Ellen Jovin, the Rebel with a Clause

This week, Ellen Jovin answered some question we had about her new book, Rebel with a Clause, and the other books on her mind. Find her responses below and look out for her Grammar Table on the streets of NYC! Rebel with a Clause comes out July 19th! 

How did you come to write Rebel with a Clause? 



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