Shepherds for Sale: How Evangelical Leaders Traded the Truth for a Leftist Agenda (Hardcover)

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“This may just be the single most important book on modern Evangelicalism in recent years. It is bold, clear, and very well-researched.”—John MacArthur

How deeply have leftist billionaires infiltrated America’s churches?

Liberal theology isn’t new. Pastors and theologians have drifted, slipped, or even plunged into doctrinal error for centuries. But in recent decades, Daily Wire reporter Megan Basham reveals, well-funded forces from outside the church have been sowing seeds of discord from behind the scenes.

In Shepherds for Sale, Basham documents how progressive powerbrokers —from George Soros, to the founder of eBay, to former members of the Obama administration— set out to change the American church. Secular foundations and think tanks have deliberately targeted Christian media, universities, megachurches, nonprofits, and even entire denominations, not to mention many high-profile pastors and influencers, with infiltration and astroturf campaigns. Their goal: to co-opt the church for political purposes. In exchange for toeing a left-wing line, many of those church leaders and institutions have received cash, career jumps, prestige, and praise. 

Now, many evangelical leaders are pushing their members to “whisper” about sexual sins, reconsider the importance of abortion, lament the effects of climate change, and repent of “perpetuating systemic racism.” Meanwhile, America’s largest evangelical denominations are fraught with division over issues like critical race theory, and many ministries once known for publishing sound doctrine are now promoting social justice.

Through years of investigation, Basham uncovered compromise at the highest levels of evangelical leadership —from the revered Presbyterian theologian who furtively backed a rogue congregation rebelling against his own denomination, to the celebrity megachurch pastor who secretly encouraged a group of pastors to change their views on sexuality.

A rigorously reported exposé, Shepherds for Sale serves as a warning of what can happen when a church forgets that true power lies not in the world’s wisdom, but in Scripture. 

About the Author

Megan Basham is a culture reporter for the Daily Wire and the author of Beside Every Successful Man: A Woman’s Guide to Having It All. She is a frequent contributor to Morning Wire, one of the top 10 news podcasts in the United States. She has also written for the Wall Street Journal, the Telegraph, First Things, National Review, and World Magazine, where she worked as a film and television editor.

Praise For…

“This may just be the single most important book on modern Evangelicalism in recent years. It is bold, clear, and very well-researched.” — John MacArthur, Pastor of Grace Community Church, and Chancellor of the Master’s University and Seminary

Megan Basham is an indispensable voice in a chaotic time. Shepherds for Sale is a clarion call for churches to return to the faith of their ancestors —and to reinvigorate our republic by reinfusing it with eternal truths. — Ben Shapiro, host of The Ben Shapiro Show, #1 New York Times bestselling author, and co-founder of The Daily Wire

Anybody paying attention to the current state of the culture can see that things are in disarray. And many have wondered where Evangelical elites have been. Well, Megan Basham has the answer. She reveals that many of them have served as puppets and pawns of the enemies of the Gospel, and she provides receipts! This book is riveting, and, at times, difficult to read because of the deeds it uncovers. But we must read it. And those exposed within its pages must give an account. — Voddie Baucham, bestselling author of Fault Lines and dean of the School of Divinity at African Christian University in Lusaka, Zambia

Over the past several decades, the political left has taken a long march through America's most important institutions. While the political takeover of the media, universities, and the bureaucracy has been examined by many, the coordinated takeover attempt of Evangelical Christianity is one of the left's most insidious and least-discussed schemes. With her keen journalistic eye, rigorous investigatory skills, and riveting storytelling, Basham is finally dragging this plot out into the light, exposing how corrupted and vainglorious leaders tricked Evangelicals into betraying their doctrines to help accomplish left-wing political goals. — Mollie Hemingway, bestselling author of Rigged, Fox News contributor, and editor-in-chief of The Federalist

Shepherds for Sale offers an urgent wake-up call for all faithful Christians, exposing Big Eva's programs and players, sugar daddies, and slogans, which are selling out faithful Christianity for cultural capital. Megan Basham puts together the pieces of this Devil's bargain and exposes how the mighty have fallen. With brave reporting and translucent writing, she reveals that some of our most trusted ministry leaders have proven to be liars and charlatans, bought by the world's filthy lucre and flattery. It's not too late to repent and believe in the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ and drive out the wolves. Rosaria Butterfield, bestselling author of Five Lies of Our Anti-Christian Age

Shepherds for Sale is a devastating book. Through careful research and lucid writing, Megan Basham exposes the scams that have been foisted on Evangelicals by leftists, and shows how pastors, seminary leaders, professors, theologians, and Southern Baptist Convention presidents are complicit. If such leaders have any integrity at all, they will confess of their sins, resign their positions, and resolve to live out their days in quietness and peace. Anything less will only further multiply the harm they have done and dishonor the Lord whom they profess to love. Every Evangelical—especially every Southern Baptist—needs to read this book. — Tom Ascol, President of Founders Ministries and The Institute of Public Theology

There is literally no one in the world more qualified than Megan Basham to write about how the left has infiltrated the Evangelical church in America, nor is there a single subject more centrally connected to the myriad evils rising around us. — Eric Metaxas, #1 New York Times bestselling author of Bonhoeffer and Letter to The American Church

Finally, a courageous Christian conservative has done a deep dive into the left’s insidious infiltration into the church. Megan Basham’s Shepherds for Sale meticulously traces the sordid money trail, and highlights the tactics these secular forces have employed in their systematic assault on biblical truth within the church and among Evangelicals, including co-opting former conservative Evangelicals to do their bidding. This important book is a long overdue call for the church to stand firm in the Gospel and expel false teachings that dilute Scripture to please man rather than God. — David Limbaugh, lawyer, political commentator, and New York Times bestselling author of Jesus on Trial

There are few people whose work has been more integral to my own the last few years than Megan Basham’s. Her reporting on the infiltration of the church has been crucial, which is why I’ve amplified it whenever I could. — Steve Deace, Wall Street Journal best-selling author of Faucian Bargian and Blaze talk show host.

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