Vedas: An Introduction To Hinduism’s Sacred Texts (Paperback)

Vedas: An Introduction To Hinduism’s Sacred Texts By Roshen Dalal Cover Image
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When were the Vedas written and why? Who were the people who composed them? Where did they come from, how did they live? Questions, conjectures and debates go hand in hand with the Vedas, the sacred keystone texts of Hinduism. Now, noted historian Roshen Dalal sifts through centuries of information and research to present, in a straightforward and succinct manner, an account of the Vedas that is authoritative yet accessible, thus appealing to both scholars and lay readers.

In this book, key insights into the Vedas are complemented by a celebration of the poetry that lies within the texts. Using socio-economic data and archaeological and linguistic research, the author introduces us to the Vedic era, enabling us to understand the culture and philosophy that produced these ancient and sublime texts.

  • Based on original research and numerous authoritative sources, including auxiliary texts and early commentaries
  • Appendices featuring selected hymns from all four Vedas and listing all the hymns that make up the Rig Veda
  • Conveniently cross-referenced with a wealth of information

About the Author

Roshen Dalal was born in Mussoorie and studied in various schools across the country. After a BA (Hons) in history from the University of Bombay, she completed an MA and PhD in ancient Indian history from Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi. She has taught at both school and university and been involved in research in the fields of history, religion and philosophy and education. Apart from books, she has written numerous articles and book reviews. After working for many years as an editor, she is now a full-time writer, living in Dehradun.
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ISBN: 9780143066385
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Publisher: India Penguin
Publication Date: January 1st, 2014
Pages: 424
Language: English