The Walrus on My Table: Touching True Stories of Animal Healing (Hardcover)

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Several years ago, massage therapist Anthony Guglielmo got a call for a strange appointment. "Will you massage my horse?," one of his clients asked. And so began Anthony's strange and wonderful adventure into the world of animal massage.

In The Walrus on My Table, enter a world where dolphins line up to take turns for their massages, beluga whales lean in for better contact, and high-strung horses grow calm and manageable under Anthony's soothing touch. Discover animal friends you will never forget. Meet:

* Nuka, the 1,800 lb. walrus. A series of injections left Nuka's muscles severely constricted on one side of her body, and this gentle animal could no longer swim.

* Molly and Josephine, two playful elderly dolphins. Though at first reluctant to allow Anthony's touch, by their second session these two line up impatiently, eager for his attention.

* Mambo Point, a racehorse who just couldn't win. Mambo's owner knew that this horse had potential... so why wasn't he performing up to his ability?

* Rudy, the hump-backed penguin who wasn't expected to live. Born with a life-threatening condition that made breathing difficult, Rudy's future looked uncertain...

* Reddog, who loved to sleep on his owners' forbidden bed-until a sprain got him caught in the act.

* Mickey, an independent Tabby, who relaxes so completely under Anthony's hands, she topples right over!

* Tab and Presley, the prankster bachelor dolphins of the aquarium, who love to play tricks on their trainers.

* Baby, the recipient of the first ever shark massage.

So, dive in and romp with Nuka and friends...and enjoy!

About the Author

Anthony Guglielmo is a New York State licensed massage therapist specializing in sports and medical massage, and a certified equine massage practitioner. Besides running a very successful human massage practice in Long Island, New York, he is one of only a handful of massage therapists worldwide with experience working on both exotic and domestic animals. He lives in Lindenhurst, New York.

Cari Lynn holds a Master's in Writing from the Johns Hopkins University and specializes in writing narrative nonfiction. She lives in Chicago.
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ISBN: 9780312262679
Publisher: St. Martin's Press
Publication Date: November 1st, 2000
Pages: 224