Love Me Always: A Willow Oaks Sweet Romance (Paperback)

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When cynicism and true love collide, there can only be one outcome.Orphaned as a young girl, Mallory Church learned very early on that love didn't come for free; especially not for her. A fact once again proven by her ex-fianc -and now, technically defunct best friend-as he up and left when she needed him most. Firefighter Ethan Myers was the supreme bachelor. With a great career, good friends, and women on a whim; he was on top of the world. When a work-related incident pushes Ethan to hit pause on life, it forces him to take a hard look at his lifestyle and decide on what truly matters. Left to deal with a shameful secret on her own, Mallory moves to the small town of Willow Oaks to start over; determined never to rely on anyone ever again. But as she grows closer to Ethan, the walls she'd built to protect herself begin to weaken. Will Mallory's secret force her to push away the one man who might truly stand by her?Love Me Always tells the story of Mallory and Ethan as they learn about life, trust, and true love.Love Me Always is the fourth book in the Willow Oaks Sweet Romance series. Each book in the series can be read as a standalone.Other Books by Melissa Crosby: Willow Oaks Sweet Romance: - Book 1: Love Me True - Book 2: Love Me Maybe - Book 3: Love Me Again - Book 4: Love Me Always Mulberry Lane Series - Inspirational Women's Fiction* Book 1: Tea for Three* Book 2: Three Wishes* Book 3: Coming soonCollections: * A Willow Oaks Sweet Romance Collection: Volume 1 - Books 1-3* A Willow Oaks Sweet Romance Collection: Volume 1 - Books 4-6.
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ISBN: 9780473508258
ISBN-10: 0473508257
Publisher: Iheart Press
Publication Date: January 26th, 2020
Pages: 226
Language: English