Perlie (Hardcover)

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When the hungry stumble upon a wellspring of profit, they risk greed. And money tempts anyone with an appetite.

Perlie, a scrutinized convict struggling with identity and reestablishment after a brief prison sentence, finds a job as a mechanic. The garage's owner, a breezy gambler named Freddie, is trying to climb out of a hole of his own. But things aren't always smooth within the jazz-echoing walls of the second chance repair shop. Freddie's garage is visited by an inscrutable woman named Uriella, who inexplicably instills fear in Perlie; as well as a gutless cop named Jude Blythe who expresses his disdain for ex-cons while reluctantly having his car serviced. Though anxious to keep away from the shackles, Perlie soon finds himself in the heart of the trouble when he makes an alarming and grisly discovery. Suddenly centered on the axis of lawlessness and rectitude, Perlie must choose his own path out.

Perlie is a modern story that resonates-a tale of opposing viewpoints when it comes to selfishness and judgment.

Product Details
ISBN: 9780578795935
ISBN-10: 0578795930
Publisher: Jay Kasperbauer
Publication Date: November 3rd, 2020
Pages: 202
Language: English