The Good Lie (Paperback)

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Maybe it's like any story you think you know. You like to go back to the beginning and see if it really happened the way you remember. Back before the death, disaster, betrayal, lies, the lawyers, the perjury, your little brother accusing you of murder- Lizzie Aimes has been raised to be honest. Pure. Obedient. But right now she seems to be the only person playing by those rules. When her family life disintegrates around her, Lizzie must draw on her deepest resources to protect herself and the one she loves. Even if it means destroying someone else in the process. FOR MATURE READERS. Some language and situations not suitable for younger readers.]

About the Author

Robin Brande is the award-winning author of EVOLUTION, ME & OTHER FREAKS OF NATURE; FAT CAT; DOGGIRL; REPLAY; PARALLELOGRAM; THE GOOD LIE; and THE BRADAMANTE SAGA. She is a former trial attorney, entrepreneur, black belt in martial arts, law instructor, yoga teacher, outdoor adventurer, and certified wilderness medic. Her novels have been named Best Fiction for Young Adults by the American Library Association, and she was named Young Adult Author of the Year, 2013 by the Arizona Library Association and Libraries, Ltd. You can connect with Robin and find out about her current and upcoming titles at http: //
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ISBN: 9780615964089
ISBN-10: 0615964087
Publisher: Ryer Publishing
Publication Date: February 6th, 2014
Pages: 292
Language: English