Finding Home (Paperback)

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Alice McLaren is a traveller . . . but her travels must remain a secret. Now that she has no one of her own, she leaves London during the Blitz to move to her family's cottage in Somerset. Alice plans to take evacuated children from London and care for them in the country.

However, her travels take her much further than she anticipates, away to a safer place far from the war and the incessant bombing.

When she meets and falls in love with Branton, Alice is torn. There is a child to be rescued, and Alice is the only one who can save Amelia Adnum. She must choose between Branton and taking the lost child home safely.

As circumstances change, Alice must make a decision that could change many lives.

Branton knows Alice holds a secret, but he cannot understand why she refuses to stay with him. He cannot bear to lose her, but can Branton convince Alice that their love will endure, no matter what?

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ISBN: 9780645030105
ISBN-10: 0645030104
Publisher: Asa
Publication Date: November 30th, 2020
Pages: 234
Language: English