The Day the Sky Went Away (Paperback)

The Day the Sky Went Away By Shayna Renee Olivier (Illustrator), Ellen Paton Cover Image
By Shayna Renee Olivier (Illustrator), Ellen Paton
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One day, Huxley the bush baby wakes up to find that their beautiful sky has disappeared. There are no clouds, no sun, not even any moon.

How will Huxley make a new life without the sky that he loves so much?

We don't always get to say goodbye to our loved ones and it can be hard to make sense of why they leave. Day by day, we take on the difficult task of learning to live without them. There is no quick or easy remedy for grief, but through conversation, connection and a supportive space to remember our loved ones, our journey towards healing can begin.

Created by a doctor, this book is designed to help children cope with the loss of a loved one. It includes art therapy activities so they can explore their grief, develop their own narratives that help them understand their loss, and hold onto a spark of hope in difficult times.

Dr Ellen has received multiple Readers Favourite 5 Star Reviews for her books including 'The Hope Seed', 'A Patchwork of Heart' and 'The Little Blue Wren'. Her books have received international praise and are widely recommended by paediatricians, parents, early educators, teachers and librarians. Her goal is to write hopeful and inspiring books for children. Visit the website for printable activities and lesson plans for schools.

Reader's Favourite 5-star review: Vincent Dublado
This is a beautiful story that teaches children about love for nature, as well as the role of genuine friendship when you are feeling down and missing someone or something. Every school library and home with children should have a copy of this enchanting storybook.
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ISBN: 9780645641004
ISBN-10: 0645641006
Publisher: Dr Ellens Fiction Prescription
Publication Date: November 29th, 2022
Pages: 40
Language: English