Weed-Free Gardening: A Comprehensive and Organic Approach to Weed Management (Paperback)

Weed-Free Gardening: A Comprehensive and Organic Approach to Weed Management By Tasha Greer Cover Image
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Weed-Free Gardening presents a clear and easy-to-implement plan of attack to get even the most tenacious weeds under control without the need for potentially harmful synthetic herbicides.
Let’s face it: weeding is far from a homeowner’s favorite chore. But not everyone can afford to hire a landscape crew to keep the weeds at bay, and spraying chemical herbicides isn’t a smart solution for eco-conscious homeowners or pet parents. If that’s the case for you, the weed control prevention and control strategies outlined here by author Tasha Greer will have you growing flowers, vegetables, shrubs, and trees with little to no weed competition. Tasha’s organic approach hands you methods for both preventing weeds early in the growing season and managing weedy intruders year-round.
By following the practical guidance found in Weed-Free Gardening, you’ll:
  • Control annual weeds by disrupting their natural lifecycle
  • Learn the whys, hows, and whens of weed-inhibiting mulching techniques
  • Eliminate deep-rooted perennial weeds by eradicating them at their source
  • Meet the best and most effective weeding tools available to homeowners
  • Discover many ways to keep weeds out of the vegetable garden while ensuring healthy and productive soil
  • Implement a practical plan to gain long-term control over weeds
In addition, you’ll find resources for weed identification, tips for getting rid of invasive plants, useful ideas for handling areas completely overtaken by weeds, and dozens of “weed hacks” to make life in the garden so much more beautiful.

Weed-Free Gardening is here with a plan to save you time, money, and energy, and help you fall in love with your garden all over again. If landscape beds overrun with weeds are making you want to give up on your garden, hope is finally here!

About the Author

Tasha Greer is an epicurean homesteader and writer focused on simple, sustainable living. In addition to her two books, Weed-Free Gardening and Grow Your Own Spices, her articles appear on various websites and in print journals for outlets like Mother Earth News, Modern Farmer, The Grow Network, Morning Chores, The Thrifty Homesteader, and on her own website Simplestead.com. Tasha also produces a free periodic magazine, available on her website, called Epicurean Living with ideas on how to live well through moderation and environmental simplicity. 
A former Washington, DC, legal administrator turned full-time homesteader and writer, Tasha’s obsession with great food, gardening, and environmentally-beneficial living led her to create her dream homestead in beautiful Surry County, North Carolina. There she raises goats, chickens, ducks, worms, and more on a 10-acre property with lots of help from her partner in good living, Matt Miles.

About 1.5 acres of her homestead is covered with fruit trees and bushes, nuts, a personal vineyard, perennial vegetables, herbs, spices, annual vegetables, a greenhouse, and several ponds. She uses hand tools, organic matter, and a mix of permaculture, edible landscaping, ecological, and traditional gardening techniques to grow abundant food and natural beauty. 

Additionally, Tasha teaches classes related to edible landscaping and organic gardening. She also makes educational videos on homesteading and gardening and has created programs for The Grow Network, Mother Earth News, and other outlets. Tasha volunteers with garden organizations in her community. As a former market farmer, specializing in growing and selling herbs, spices, and mushrooms, she also maintains close ties to her local farming community.

Praise For…

"...a very comphrensive book...fantastic information perfect for those of us who want to have eco-friendly, pet-safe gardens that avoid herbicides and keep weeds at bay."Susan Bewley, Budget Earth
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ISBN: 9780760373231
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Publication Date: April 12th, 2022
Pages: 192
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