Success With Hydrangeas: A Gardener's Guide (Paperback)

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Finally, a Book with All the Secrets to Growing Great Hydrangeas

This book reveals all the ins and outs to growing hydrangeas. If you're at all confused about pruning this shrub - and who isn't? - this book will clear things up. If you're worried about how much water to give it especially when it droops in the sun, this book explains it all. And what about transplanting: when is the best time to do that? Chapter four has the answers to that one and covers it all.

How to get your plant to bloom

Let's not forget the most common issue people have with this plant: how can I get it to flower reliably? You'll get the scientific insight needed to better site your plant, and how to care for it. Then you can just sit back and watch it flower for you.

How is the info presented?

  • You'll have the benefit of over 150 photos and illustrations that are used to cover the subject;
  • Fourteen color coded chapters delve into propagation, fertilizing, pruning, pests and diseases (those ugly black spots ), flower color, and so much more;
  • In case you need it, several pages are devoted to how to use these shrubs in your garden;
  • The handy index gets your hydrangea questions answered on the spot when you need them in a quick and easy way

Who is Lorraine Ballato

Lorraine Ballato is a well known garden writer and speaker. She is also the resident hydrangea expert at the New York Botanical Garden where she has been teaching hydrangea classes for over 10 years.

A much-appreciated gift

Even if you don't grow hydrangeas, I bet you know someone who does and would love to get this book as a gift. All kinds of celebrations from birthdays to Mother's Day to Valentine's Day, and other holidays present lots of opportunities to gift someone with this best selling book.

Order yours today

You can get an inscribed or signed copy from the author's website (LorraineBallato.Com) or an unsigned copy with the click of a button. Get yours today, just in time for this season.

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