Eye Shadow (Paperback)

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"I once asked my dental hygienist what the white teeth inside wide smiles say about the meaning of life." - from Jackal-Heads and Holidays - from author and retired columnist for the Minneapolis Star Tribune, Jim Klobuchar: Emilio DeGrazia is one of those writers who loves the ambience of a writers' gathering--the fraternity, the probing of ideas--whether the subject is poetry or the jock strap empire of sports. What I can tell you is that not many people I've read, whether in Minnesota or beyond, write of the human condition with the same mixture of discovery, forgiveness and judgment that Emilio brings from his study. Years ago a small group of us, at the prodding of the toastmaster, were asked to identify three or four people who would be our choice if we were marooned on a desert highland and had to spend foreseeable months or years listening to each other. My first choice was Emilio. I never tire of hearing what this man has to say about the humanity around him.
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ISBN: 9780990762270
ISBN-10: 0990762270
Publisher: Rocket Science Press
Publication Date: November 18th, 2015
Pages: 426
Language: English