A Critical Essay on Why Blacks Use the "N" Word and Whites are Forbidden (Paperback)

A Critical Essay on Why Blacks Use the
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This book is one man's take on the reality that is life for so many, himself included. A sincere and open letter for the purpose of moving humanity closer to humane-ness. Passionately displayed, factual and historical truths, of the past and present, which calls to the carpet those who have failed America and its peoples for their own gain. It's a good and necessary read no matter what side of the fence you may find yourself on.

In its pages you will find raw truths such as those which reveal the origins of racism from a religious perspective as Tribal Nation Israel points out...

"Our hate is based on the slave experience and the continued racist oppression within this white system of government and society. The racist argument to try and connect blacks to the same kind of race hate and racism as whites only serves further in distorting the historical facts and conflict between the two races. The argument is especially hollow in America seeing how, in the world of racist white theology, blacks, from the beginning of our slave history in America, became whitewashed into submitting ourselves under the worship of a white, blue-eyed, blonde haired Jesus. Even if Jesus Christ could be proven to be a white man, blacks have no religious history that supports them rejecting Jesus Christ based on the color of His skin. But, racist whites have a known history of having replaced black religious figures with white religious figures.

In America, the masses of blacks accepted white skin on the god they serve. But, if Jesus Christ were to appear in this day and age, as a Black man, more whites would have a problem dealing with it than blacks, had he appeared as a white man. I am quite sure that many of us have heard the phrase, "let's have an honest conversation about race." So..."

And this is just in the introduction. Yes, Tribal Nation Israel digs deep. Hits us with the hard truths, proven facts, and historical accuracies at the core of the matters that have shaped us into who we are today and will ultimately determine who we become in our tomorrows - not just blacks or whites - but the entire human race

The best $14.95 you'll ever spend. So spend it people. Make a change. Let's revisit this most necessary conversation. Let's bring about a means to a necessary end, or at the least an effective change to some devastatingly detrimental ways.

About the Author

Embracer of community, family, country. Son. Father. Brother. Educator. Student. Teacher. Man. This is Tribal Nation Israel. When it comes to the tough topics, Tribal is the type of writer who steps up to the plate and hits the ball clean out of the park. His debut book, "A Critical Essay On Why Blacks Use The "N" Word and Whites Are Forbidden," states his case in a major way. Yes, the topic's been done before. Time and again, the subject has been broached. But, though America is truly the land of the free and home of the brave, as Tribal does not hesitate to point out, the country's history runs ramped with the ills of racism and racially motivated actions that warrant the questioning of the use of such a word by "outsiders" of the Black experience. But, this author is not one-sided. He calls to the carpet blacks of all ages, occupations, and walks of life and hold them accountable equally if not more so. Throughout these pages is proof of the necessity for a mass revisiting of the topic of the "N" word as well as an understanding of its detriment then, now, and beyond. It's time to stop tripping over the huge pile that's become the matters that we continue to sweep beneath our rugs.
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Publication Date: October 2nd, 2016
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