From the Soul into the Cast Iron Skillet 2nd Helping (Paperback)

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In writing this Cookbook, I became acquainted through the written word with a Black Slave known as Ollie-Belle. Her great granddaughter wrote and shared her Recipes over (125) years. Ollie-Belle was probably an in-house servant that could write down a favorite dish she Cooked for the plantation master and his family. She would have had access to different Spices and Herbs grown locally or brought/bought from abroad. The wealthy plantation owners or city/town merchants who employed Blacks would have had the financial means to purchase such revered commodities. Otherwise, the menu was bland and strictly reserved to whatever they were provided in the kitchen, apart from the main house. Cayenne Pepper was in every Recipe. Was it because it was a Seasoning used as a natural antioxidant to rid the body of toxic and radical properties? There was no professional medical attention given to the workers. They learned to take care of one another as best as they knew how. Ignorance was encouraged and only a few slaves could read or write. Knowledge was believed to lead out....escape.

The heavy Cooking pots with proper Oiling were the "KEY" to a successful and different Flavor/Taste to every Southern Country Recipe. It is best known for Cornbread, "BAKED FOR KINGS" and Fried Meats, such as Chicken and Catfish. The landowners placed their crops in fields near rivers and coastland for a needed Water supply. This provided Fish, Shrimp, and Crawfish. Chickens were grown on the farm.

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