Childlike Forest (Paperback)

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Growing up is inevitable...right? Physically, yes, but in the world of adulthood, forgetting has become a habit, a state of mind, a behavior we fall prey to. Learning to be responsible and to shed our naive childish thinking is expected, but in the process of growing up, we also lose something. Some of the most important and also some of the simplest things take on a different meaning when you've forgotten what it is like to be an innocent child.

Step into Ella's world and discover the life of a young girl who has not yet been changed and who stares mysteries and darkness in the face to find a miracle.

A peculiar forest that rests on the edge of a peaceful meadow is the cause of many rumors, unwanted and eventually forgotten by the town of Flowerdale. For reasons unknown to the small girl, adults can't seem to see what she sees. The gloomy forest holds something special, secrets and a mysterious miracle just waiting to be sought out.

Without friends or siblings, Ella finds her joy through her mother's love and in Jesus Christ, her Heavenly Father who is all around her and simply a prayer away. But even then, she still longs for a friend to play with when her mother is too busy.

Within the comforting shelter of trees in the dark and misunderstood forest, a mysterious someone makes himself known. It was not what you'd expect nor fully understand perhaps, but will this curious mystery be an answer to little Ella's prayers?

Let her intriguing story reveal the secret word for word.

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ISBN: 9781098021962
ISBN-10: 1098021967
Publisher: Christian Faith Publishing, Inc
Publication Date: April 28th, 2022
Pages: 84
Language: English