Untying the Mystery: The Day of the Lord (Paperback)

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We are about to take a journey that will lead us to a revelation that is the underlining theme of the Word of God, the very manifestation of his glory. This revelation is one of the most misunderstood phenomena in the scripture. It relates the most glorious event to ever unfold on planet Earth, the Day of the Lord. What is the Day of the Lord, you ask? Untying this mystery with its vast implications is the task at hand. There are many speculations and opinions formed that have not arrived at the core of this truth. Most ideas point to a time when God releases all his fury against this world during the final seventieth week of Daniel's chapter 9 prophecy. Although God's wrath is just and no doubt will be expressed during the Day of the Lord, is this what this day is all about or is there much more?

Before we begin, we should understand this foundational truth to life and its meaning-God is good. This does not mean he is one type of good or that there is more than one kind of goodness. God is the source and authority of all good. It is who he is. In Matthew 19:17, Jesus said, "There is none good but one, that is, God." Since God is the only source of good, only he can understand, judge, and administer good.

When Moses asked for God's name and he responded, "I am that I am." He dropped a bombshell. Everything good that was, is, and will be is "I am." Not only did he create everything physical (solids, liquids, and gases) and spiritual (our thoughts, dreams, goals, strengths, and all other things), he also causes them to exist because he is the "I am." He is not "I have."

To increase our understanding, we should know that God is three distinctive personalities that function as one Lord. God is the Lord's corporate name. The best way to conceptualize this is to consider who we are in his image. We are composed of spirit, soul, and body that function as one. Our bodies have many members: a head, arms, legs, eyes, ears, etc. They have their different functions but move together as one. The Triune God is invisible to us since our earthly eyes cannot behold his greatness. We cannot behold the sun without protection, and God is greater than the sun. So how can we relate to each other? He chose to accomplish this through his Son, Jesus Christ. Jesus is one of the three distinctive personalities. Jesus is God's glory, his light, the exact image of his person, and the expression of his heart.

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ISBN: 9781098083793
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Publisher: Christian Faith Publishing, Inc.
Publication Date: April 13th, 2021
Pages: 84
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