Progressive Atheism: How Moral Evolution Changes the God Debate (Paperback)

Progressive Atheism: How Moral Evolution Changes the God Debate By J. L. Schellenberg Cover Image
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Progressive Atheism shows how atheism can make progress in humanity's future. It presents a new way of arguing that God doesn't exist, based on a portrayal of God so positive that you may sometimes wonder whether you're reading the thoughts of a believer.

Starting with the simple idea that our understanding of what it takes to be a good person has changed and grown over time, J. L. Schellenberg argues that our understanding of the goodness of God must now change too. Masculine images of God as haughty King or distant Father have to be replaced by God as a paragon of nonviolence and relational openness.

This more evolved conception of God is incredibly attractive and admirable. But by the same token it has become less believable. Each moral advance, applied to God, makes it even clearer that such a being would never create a world like ours.

Atheists have often approached the subject of God with disdain. Progressive Atheism proves that admiration will be far more powerful.

About the Author

J. L. Schellenberg is Professor of Philosophy at Mount Saint Vincent University, Canada.
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ISBN: 9781350097193
ISBN-10: 1350097195
Publisher: Bloomsbury Academic
Publication Date: August 8th, 2019
Pages: 200
Language: English