Curling: Complete Rules and Regulations, With Diagrams of Play (Paperback)

Curling: Complete Rules and Regulations, With Diagrams of Play By James Mitchel Cover Image
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Ready your broom and polish the ice-sheets and stones, for this book takes you on a game of curling

In this short and insightful read, James Mitchel displays intricacies of the curling sport. He starts with its origins and explains why it became associated with Scotland even though it may not have started there, details the role of every player and its physical and character requirements, and gives important tips on how to prepare equipment to the optimum.

Mitchel also gives a brief tutorial on how to play, and elaborates on the essential skills needed for excelling at the sport, like positioning, swinging, and twisting. He ends the book with standards and regulations regarding curling. It's quite interesting to see how they've developed over the years since this book was written, and learn where many traditions originated from.

Whether you're familiar with the sport or not, you'll find this eye-opening to details you wouldn't have otherwise noticed.

"The game of curling is one of the most interesting of our winter amusements. While the majority are inclined to look on the features of the sport in a jocose light, yet we think that it affords a scope for a display of skill, such as few games demand."

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