The "Not-So-Nice" Birthday Party: A Story about Keeping Safe Resource Guide Included (Paperback)

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The "Not-So-Nice" Birthday Party A Story about Keeping Safe Resource Guide Included Written & Illustrated by Mary Jane DiPietro The story introduces Wendy, who is very excited about the celebration of her birthday, until Uncle Max arrives at the party. Uncle Max had been sexually abusing Wendy for some time. Wendy is tormented by this problem, and eventually gets the courage to tell her parents. It is a story that shows how Uncle Max, a trusted family member, has manipulated Wendy, an eleven-year-old, into keeping a secret. The story also illustrates how difficult is it for Wendy to tell, in spite of the advice she has received from school. Find out how Wendy solves her problem by using strategies for the prevention of sexual abuse.
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ISBN: 9781420897531
ISBN-10: 1420897535
Publisher: Authorhouse
Publication Date: February 16th, 2006
Pages: 32
Language: English