The Book of the Courtier (Paperback)

The Book of the Courtier By Baldesar Castiglione, Leonard Eckstein Opdycke (Translator) Cover Image
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First published in 1528 and written over several years by Baldesar Castiglione, count of Novilara, "The Book of the Courtier" is one of the most important and definitive accounts of Italian Renaissance court life. Organized as a series of fictional conversations that occur between the courtiers of the Duke of Urbino in 1507, "The Book of the Courtier" is a book of manners and etiquette and discusses the expectations for a perfect courtier. Castiglione had intimate knowledge of these rules and standards as he was a courtier and diplomat himself with many years spent in the Duke of Urbino's court. The courtier must have a warrior spirit, be athletic, and have good knowledge of the humanities, classics, and fine arts. As the fictional members of the court debate and try to describe the perfect gentleman, as well as the perfect lady, they engage in a discussion of the nature of nobility, humor, and love in the age of the Italian Renaissance. "The Book of the Courtier" was widely read and distributed soon after its publication and remains a significant first-hand account of this fascinating period in history. This edition follows the translation of Leonard E. Opdycke and is printed on premium acid-free paper.

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