The Book of Light: Ask and Heaven Will Answer (Paperback)

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“Love me inside you. For I am inside you. I am there in every part of you, in each and every cell. And it is only when you reach deep into yourself that you come into profound contact with me. And it is only when you love yourself eternally that you are able to love me eternally. And I will always be here.”  -- JESUS

Are you seeking spiritual guidance? Do you have personal problems and aren’t sure where to turn? Do you question whether or not you are making the right choices? Do you wonder if your prayers are heard? The Book of Light offers simple yet profound wisdom through inspiring messages channeled directly to Alexandra Solnado from heaven.

These messages are heaven’s attempt to provide you with solace and inspiration. To find an answer about something that may be worrying you, simply pick out two Aramaic letters. An internal reference chart will then guide you to heaven’s inspirational response to your concern.

The heavenly messages found in these pages address fundamental life issues such as forgiveness, unconditional love, guilt, loss, gratitude, abundance, risk, protection, meaning, and more. Utilize this divine guidance daily or whenever a pressing question arises. More than a book, The Book of Light is a lifelong guide.

About the Author

Alexandra Solnado is a modern-day spiritual messenger who channels Jesus’ messages to touch and transform lives. She is one of the bestselling authors of spirituality books in Portugal. With more than 220,000 copies of her books and products sold, the author has achieved a record number of sales in Portugal, a country of 10 million people.
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ISBN: 9781451611571
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Publication Date: April 12th, 2011
Pages: 416
Language: English