Thought Provoking Lessons of Life: True Short Stories from the Real World (Hardcover)

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This book, Volume I, contains true short stories from the real world as experienced and seen through the eyes of the author. Its purpose is to share many of this life's lessons which accentuate thinking and thought production of the reader. Within these contents, there are true stories with which readers can relate, i.e., there is something for nearly everyone. By the time most of us have reached the latter part of our lives, we have experienced and seen things which can be helpful to those whom have not reached our ages. This book is a learning tool. Between these covers, you will find stories which deal with politics, power, pettiness, ethics, morality, spirituality, legal and illegal behaviors and practices with which we are all faced on a frequent basis. It is the intention of this author for this work to be helpful to those who follow. Even before my teens, something drew me to older people. Somehow I knew that they were aware of things which could be helpful to me. Most of the time, when I paid attention to their advice and instruction, I was able to learn how to avoid making the mistakes they had experienced before me.
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ISBN: 9781468548631
ISBN-10: 1468548638
Publisher: Authorhouse
Publication Date: February 18th, 2012
Pages: 180
Language: English