Hand-To-Hand Combat (Paperback)

Hand-To-Hand Combat By Bureau of Aeronautics U S Navy 1943 Cover Image
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This is one of the best combative manuals from World War 2, developed by the US Navy V-Five Staff, that included the renowned American wrestler Wesley Brown. It is then not especially surprising that wrestling skills predominate in this manual, and form the base skill-set for this combative system. From opening gambits and fundamental combative skills, such as eye-gouging and groin kicks, to advanced sentry removal techniques and disarms, this wrestling legacy makes it unlike other hand-to-hand manuals that use Karate or jujitsu as the base fighting form.

Well illustrated with contemporary photographs, scenarios are covered for every conceivable attack; as well as fighting from the ground against a standing combatant, the correct approaches for Wire Strangle, Club and Knives also receive coverage. This is an excellent addition for the modern military combative practitioner or academic study and application.

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ISBN: 9781474537391
ISBN-10: 1474537391
Publisher: Naval & Military Press
Publication Date: July 12th, 2023
Pages: 248
Language: English