FIBER OPTIC NETWORKS outside plant construction & project management techniques: A Guide to Outside Plant Engineering (Paperback)

FIBER OPTIC NETWORKS outside plant construction & project management techniques: A Guide to Outside Plant Engineering Cover Image
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Outside Plant has been the conduit to achievement for many telecom professionals. It has provided the pathway for new technologies like fiber optics. This book will assist in increasing fundamental information about outside plant construction and engineering and can be utilized by the beginning OSP professional and as a review for someone who is more experienced out in the field. After you have read this book you will be better equipped to understand outside plant. It book is designed for you to directly to go any topic you are interested in, and the format allows you to read this book in short time segments, whenever you find it convenient. Here is a listing of the book's 15 Chapters: 1.Values and Ethics for the OSP/Telecom Professional 2.Permits in a Nutshell 3.Sub-Aqueous Plant Made Simple 4.Basics of Aerial Plant 5.General Engineering Procedures and Various Telecommunications Engineers 6.The Basics of Trenching 7.OSP Services and Solutions 8.The Basics of (HDD) Horizontal Directional Drilling 9.Pull Box Procedures and Guidelines Made Simple 10.Handhole and Manhole/Maintenance Hole Installations 11.Bridge and Fixed Structure Attachments 12.Electrical Protection 13.Fiber Optics Splicing, Testing and Documentation Training 14.Materials Specifications 15.Requirements of The Railroad Challenging careers in telecommunications and OSP require training and know-how, and this book is a great way for you to learn about both. It discusses Technological terms, permits, pull box and trenching procedures as well as manhole installations, directional drilling and sub-aqueous plant and is great training tool for employees as it explains employee leadership and the importance of customer service, as well as chapters on bridge/fixed structure attachments, railroad requirements, electrical protection and new technologies being created with fiber optics. The book also discusses material specifications, OSP services and solutions, engineering procedures and fiber optic splicing. Short comprehensive quizzes at the end of each chapter are great ways to check your knowledge.
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Publication Date: April 7th, 2012
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