Southern Gourmet: Luxurious gourmet recipes from the South (Paperback)

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I'm from the South, and I love to cook. Most people think cuisine in the South consists only of beans, greens and cornbread - and though those are delicious - it's not all we cook here. When people think of Southern cooking, they don't think gourmet, but it's the very essence of gourmet food, nonetheless. We start with fresh ingredients, and we mix them in surprising ways. We mix sweet, savory, hot, and sour with abandon, creating a menu that is fabulously varied. Some of these dishes have roots all the way back to our ancestors who immigrated to this country, and there's a fine mix of nationalities represented right on our dinner tables. I have - like all good cooks - tweaked and twisted the recipes to suit myself, and I think you'll like the results. You'll find desserts, starters, breakfasts, side dishes, and meats in this cookbook, and they're all delicious. I've given you some of my very favorite recipes, and I believe that once you taste them, you will understand why I love them. The full color illustrations and easy to follow instructions will make you love them, too.
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