Those are MY Private Parts (Paperback)

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Those are MY Private Parts - a Childrens Book about Learning Body Boundaries and Personal Safety and Inappropriate Touching for Toddlers
Its primary message is: "America, please teach our young children about their sexuality before the child molester does." In just 12 pages of rhyme, the book:
  • Gives parents a great starting point for having important, candid discussions with their children about recognizing and preventing sexual abuse
  • Names the most common perpetrators of sexual abuse in clear, kid friendly language
  • Informs children about the tactic's perpetrators use to trick children
  • Equips children with an action plan for telling trusted adults about abuse
  • Empowers children to say "no" and that no means no, and to get righteously angry if abuse happens
Embark on an essential journey with 'Those Are MY Private Parts, ' a crucial resource designed for parents navigating the delicate conversations surrounding child safety and sexual abuse prevention. In just 12 pages of captivating rhyme, this book provides a starting point for candid discussions with your young ones about recognizing and preventing sexual abuse. It courageously names the most common perpetrators in clear, kid-friendly language and empowers children with the knowledge to identify deceptive tactics. The children's book sensitively addresses the challenging question of where hands go and don't go, emphasizing the importance of teaching children that my body belongs to me. It opens the door for parents to tackle these crucial conversations with their children, fostering trust and awareness, and that it is ok to choose to say no to unsafe touches. This book is a valuable tool for parents, teachers, therapists, and guardians who prioritize empowering children with the understanding and confidence to protect themselves.

NOW AVAILABLE IN SPANISH, "Esas Son Mis Partes Privadas
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