The Plant Kingdom Word List: Botanical and Horticultural Words Acceptable in Crossword Games and Superscrabble Club Plays (Paperback)

The Plant Kingdom Word List: Botanical and Horticultural Words Acceptable in Crossword Games and Superscrabble Club Plays By Maliha Mendoza Mahmood Cover Image
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Scrabble(R), Super Scrabble(R), Words with Friends(R), and other word games are more fun and challenging to play, thanks to this unique and informative word list.

Take your game-playing skills to the next level with this brand-new, comprehensive, and expanded word list that focuses on the plant kingdom. In The Plant Kingdom Word List, you now have access to words playable in Super Scrabble(R) that are up to twenty-one letters in length-one of the few books of its kind to include this length of words. Most Scrabble(R) dictionaries offer words from two to fifteen letters long.

This book is a compilation of words, from A to Z, of and relating to plants. These words include medicinal plants, foods and beverages derived from plants, and plant by-products, properties, components, and biochemical elements, as well as words that are used commonly as modifiers or superlatives for plants. In addition to official horticultural and botanical terminology, a list of folk names and common plant names is also included.

The unusual words that are listed, from aal to zamia, are indispensible for any Scrabble(R) player to know, while dihydroxybenzenes will score you big points in Super Scrabble(R)-and Sophrolaeliocattleyas might just blow your competitors' minds.

About the Author

Maliha Mendoza Mahmood loves the English language, even though it is her second language. She thinks in English about the names, properties, benefits and constituents of all kinds of plants in her surrounding and beyond. She was born in the Philippines and was taught by teachers trained in the American English language. At the time of the American occupation, all students learned and spoke English in school, including at Mahmood's alma mater, the Holy Spirit Academy in Laoag, Ilocos Norte. Her first English teacher, Rosa Mendoza Bumagat taught her how to play Scrabble(R). It was her uncle, a principal at an agricultural high school, who fostered Mahmood's love of plants, introducing her to the local flora, from flowers to field crops. While working in Bangkok, Thailand, Mahmood met and married a Pakistani engineer. The couple came to America, and in 1982, she became a US citizen. Mahmood now works with her husband in Tustin, California, at MCE Consultants, the civil, geotechnical, and forensic engineering consulting firm he founded.
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