1 The meaning of Life Proved and Explained (Paperback)

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1 is about the meaning of life. This book shows a calculated proof to what the answer is. This book also reveals in depth, the meaning and importance of this answer, and how it practically relates to reality. With Ohm and I as both 1st and 3rd person narrators, I invite you to spend the night along side my fire pit while I get the kindling ready. Ohm and I are the same person. I like multiple views. Feel free to gather wood beforehand.

About the Author

Paul Slice is my name, and I have always been a ghost. I watch, I listen, I reciprocate wisdom, whether with my hands, the piano, or on a theme of paper. I am twenty two and am not drinking myself silly, and I have been successfully dodging all trap doors that lead one into the religion of idiotism, such as television. I support a different view of God, with a different name for thou in which I prefer. I call God Guld, for God has been used too often to support injustice, and has been deemed too much as a masculine character. No. Guld is equally female and male, for both sides are equal and awesome. I have spent the first twenty years of my life asleep, and life was a wonderful dream. Now is wakey-time. Time to be awake and see everything at face-value. I have hidden behind many trees to protect myself from the ever-chaotic world, 2012 to the nineties, when nothing was harmonious and when anything was being put into 1's and 0's. I am reborn with sound to heal and writing to water your mind to stimulate your inner-inn. Do you want to learn?! Allow me to remind all of you why you went with English. I will give you a hint: It's because of the inventability of English. You see? Inventability isn't even a word, and yet you can understand what it means.
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ISBN: 9781490361284
ISBN-10: 1490361286
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: June 5th, 2013
Pages: 120
Language: English