Hardtack and Haversacks: Recipes and Their Stories of the American Civil War (Paperback)

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"Charge them, boys; they have cheese in their haversacks." And so a cry sang out at the Battle of Chickamauga. And it recalls to the mind how important such a basic staple was to the soldier and to their families during the American Civil War. Here is a collection, with the actual recipes from the cookbooks of the time, of recipes ranging from Abraham Lincoln's Chicken Fricassee to enemy of soldiers on both sides, the hardtack. With over 200 photos of the soldiers, families and drawings of the times, Hardtack and Haversacks provides a snapshot into culinary tastes of the times.

About the Author

Steven W. Siler is a firefighter-cum-chef serving both in the Deep South and the Pacific Northwest. He is the best-selling author of the Signature Tastes cookbook series. Long marinated in the epicurean heritage of the Deep South, Steven has spent over 20 years in the much-vaulted restaurant industry from BOH to FOH to chef. In addition, he has served as an editor and contributing writer for several food publications. When not trying to shove food down his fellow firefighters' gullets, he enjoys sailing and sampling the finest of scotches and wines, and has an irrational love affair with opera.
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