Klara The Cow Who Knows How To Bow: (Fun Rhyming Picture Book/Bedtime Story with Farm Animals about Friendships, Being Special and Loved... Ages 2-8) (Paperback)

Klara The Cow Who Knows How To Bow: (Fun Rhyming Picture Book/Bedtime Story with Farm Animals about Friendships, Being Special and Loved... Ages 2-8) Cover Image
By Apoorva Dingar (Illustrator), Kimberley Kleczka
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This cow book for kids is not only a book, there are also lyrics for the Klara The Cow Song. Additionally, you can download the free sing-along soundtrack, and sing-along with the whole family. Once you and your kids hear this catchy tune about Klara The Cow, you will be singing yourselves to sleep Klara the Cow is a cow book for children about a cow who is a little different from the other cows, because she has a very special talent. She is so special that a Prince offered to buy her from the farmer, but the Prince soon learned that Klara is more precious than any money he could ever offer. This cow book presents how it's okay to be different, and it feels good to be loved and special. Let's learn more about Klara and her friends in this fun rhyming picture book This rhyming book for children is full of colourful and fun illustrations that will enchant your kid's hearts. They will surely want to read this rhyming story book again and again. This baby cow book for kids is a great read-aloud book and is perfect for preschoolers at any time of day, especially bedtime storytelling. Klara the Cow Who Knows How To Bow is also great as a self-reading and early reader book for primary or elementary school children. This is a great rhyming book for toddlers and also a perfect early reader book. Rhyming teaches children who are learning to read about the patterns and structures in both spoken and written words. Rhyming and songs expose children to the rhythm of language, which helps them read with some animation in their voice instead of simply repeating in a monotone fashion. Rhyming also helps children learn about word families such as cow, now, bow, how and so on. For instance, if your child is learning to spell, if they can spell cow, they can spell how and if they can spell how they can spell now. Have you ever seen kids sitting and happily listening to someone reading in a monotone voice? We haven't. If you want to hold a child's attention, read with inflection and animation, and they will sit glued to your voice. Rhyming and rhythm are very important skills that help a young reader learn to use inflection an animation when reading aloud. Rhyming also prepares kids to make predictions while learning words and gives them crucial interpretation skills. Another free download that comes with Klara The Cow Who Knows How To Bow, is an audio MP3 file of the author Kimberley Kleczka, reading the book in her ever fun and animated style. Your children can read along with the author, or just listen and enjoy. A big thanks from us all at Koolamundo It's a Kool World Please click "Buy now" to add this to your shopping cart.

About the Author

What Koolamundo means to me is, "It's a Kool World." Having the opportunity to live and grow-up as a third culture child played a huge part in how I see the world today. I was born in the UK and migrated to Africa as a wee dot, which was just the beginning of my journey, after which I ventured on to America, New Zealand and finally back to Europe where I currently reside. This lifestyle gave me the chance to see how amazing and incredible our Planet Earth really is. Many years ago I thought about developing a character that could educate and entertain the children and youth of the world. I wanted to share the experiences of the people I had met, the way they lived their lives, what they did for fun, the foods they ate and the multicultural global lifestyles they led. My family was always my top priority, and it was important to spend the precious growing years with them, so the publishing projects were put on hold. Now that our lovely children are full grown and off on journey's of their own, I have the much needed time on my hands to focus on all the other wonderful children out there, and my characters are coming to life. I hope you will join me on my edutainment adventure.
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ISBN: 9781511611510
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Publication Date: May 17th, 2015
Pages: 42
Language: English