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All the Powers of Earth: The Political Life of Abraham Lincoln Vol. III, 1856-1860 (Compact Disc)

All the Powers of Earth: The Political Life of Abraham Lincoln Vol. III, 1856-1860 Cover Image
By Sidney Blumenthal, Jack De Golia (Narrated by)
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In All the Powers of Earth, Lincoln's incredible ascent to power in a world of chaos is newly revealed through the great biographer's extraordinary research and literary style. After a period of depression that he would ever find his way to greatness, Lincoln takes on the most powerful demagogue in the country, Stephen Douglas, in the debates for a senate seat. He sidelines the front-runner William Seward, a former governor and senator for New York, to cinch the new Republican Party's nomination. All the Powers of Earth is the political story of all time. Lincoln achieves the presidency by force of strategy, of political savvy and determination. This is Abraham Lincoln, who indisputably becomes the greatest president and moral leader in the nation's history. But he must first build a new political party, brilliantly state the anti-slavery case and overcome shattering defeat to win the presidency. In the years of civil war to follow, he will show mightily that the nation was right to bet on him. He was its preserver, a politician of moral integrity.
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ISBN: 9781515944706
ISBN-10: 1515944700
Publisher: Tantor Audio
Publication Date: October 8th, 2019
Language: English