Fix and Flip Your Way to Financial Freedom: Finding, Financing, Repairing and Selling Investment Properties. (Paperback)

Fix and Flip Your Way to Financial Freedom: Finding, Financing, Repairing and Selling Investment Properties. By Mark Ferguson Cover Image
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Everything you need to know about flipping houses from an investor how has flipped more than 200 houses and is still flipping right now.

"I am finishing up your excellent book Fix & Flip Your Way to Financial Freedom. I have probably read 6 fix & flip books over the past 6 months and your book is one of the best I have read."


Mark Ferguson has been an investor for 20 years and flipped houses through the good, the bad, and the good again He has had up to 22 flips going at once time There are so many details and strategies that come with flipping houses that the television shows will not tell you. Mark goes into all the details so that you can avoid many of the costly mistakes others make.

This book goes into more than just repairing a house so that it looks pretty, but everything that happens behind the scenes as well including the most important parts of flipping houses: finding deals, finding contractors, and finding the money

In this book you'll discover how to:

  • Finance your flips with banks, hard money, private money, and more
  • Find killer deals that make it possible to make a lot of money flipping houses
  • Accurately predict the costs and repairs that will come with a flip
  • Figure out what houses you should buy and which houses you should stay away from
  • Structure offers and negotiate
  • Find contractors and keep good contractors working hard
  • Sell your houses for top dollar quickly
  • Scale your business to get to the point of doing ten or more flips at one time (like Mark)

Fix and Flip Your Way to Financial Freedom is a wealth of information on flipping houses. It will help you know what it takes to make it big in real estate and avoid many of the costly mistakes most new flippers make.

Table of Contents (Chapter Level)

  1. How Much Money Can You Make Fixing and Flipping Homes?
  2. Why I Like to Fix and Flip Homes; Money, Time, Enjoyment...
  3. What are the possible downfalls involved in flipping houses?
  4. Why it is Risky to Buy Old Houses to Flip
  5. How Much Money Do You Need to Fix and Flip a Home?
  6. What are the Costs Involved in Flipping?
  7. How much does it cost to fix up a house?
  8. How to Determine What to Repair on a Rental Property or Fix and Flip
  9. How Long Does it Take to Fix and Flip a Home?
  10. How to Finance Fix and Flips
  11. How to Finance Fix and Flips with Hard Money
  12. How to Find a Portfolio Lender Who Will Finance Multiple Investment Properties
  13. How to Make More Money Fix and Flipping Homes
  14. What Is the 70 Percent Rule?
  15. Should you use a contractor to repair a fix and flip or do the work yourself?
  16. How to Find a Great Contractor
  17. How to Make Sure the Contractor you Hire Will do a Great Job Repairing Your Home
  18. Fix and Flip Case Study Part 1
  19. Fix and Flip Case Study Part 2
  20. How and Why I Lost Money on a Flip
  21. How to Buy Real Estate Below Market Value
  22. How Can You Get a Great Deal on a House on the MLS?
  23. Why You Should Become a Real Estate Agent if You Want to Buy Fix and Flips
  24. How to Determine Market Value on Investment Properties
  25. How to Sell a House for the Most Money
  26. How Much Does it Cost to Sell a House?
  27. Why You Should Always Use a Real Estate Agent to Sell a House
  28. How to Find an Investor-Friendly Real Estate Agent
  29. How Can an Investor Get a Real Estate Agent to Find Them a Great Deal?
  30. How to Determine Whether to Fix and Flip or Buy and Hold a Property
  31. Is it better to Fix and Flip Houses or Buy and Hold Rental Properties?
  32. How to Make One Million Dollars a Year Flipping Houses
  33. Bonus Chapter; How I Bought My Last 20 Houses

About the Author

Mark Ferguson is a highly successful entrepreneur, real estate investor, author, and family man. Mark is living proof that positive thinking can propel you to incredible levels of success. He has achieved much of his financial success through real estate. Mark has been a Realtor since 2001 and has specialized in listing REO and HUD properties since 2008. He has a team of ten that includes 7 licensed real estate agents. Mark's team sells over 200 homes a year. Mark fix and flips 10-15 homes every year, which is a great compliment to his real estate sales. Mark has learned how to flip homes in any market and how to flip many homes at the same time. Mark owns 16 long term rental properties that are providing over $90,000 a year in income. Mark has learned how to buy great rental properties that have great cash flow. Mark is also a writer with work available on Kindle and across the web. He primarily publishes on, where you will find much more information on his rental properties, rental strategies, and working with a positive attitude.
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