Is Your Child Addicted To Electronics?: 30 Days Of Healing And Recovery For Your Child And Family (Paperback)

Is Your Child Addicted To Electronics?: 30 Days Of Healing And Recovery For Your Child And Family By Nathan Driskell Lpc Cover Image
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The Time for Healing is Now

Does your son spend countless hours playing video games to the point his grades have suffered? Is your daughter on Instagram, Snapchat, and other social media apps long into the night? Is your family falling apart due to the stress of managing electronics? If so, you are not alone, as many families experience these problems.

It is time to take a new approach to how you manage electronics within your home. This book is designed to help you not only manage electronics for your children but to bring the family back together.
Take Back Control

For 30 days you will complete a series of activities to help you take control of the electronics in your home while working to repair the damage to your family. In the first section of the book, you will learn more about your family, their electronics usage, and what your children gain from their electronics. You will learn coping skills for yourself and your family and will begin to spend more time together outside of electronics.

In the second section, you will begin to make changes within the home. You will create an electronics usage contract, remove electronics from bedrooms, and learn how to combat negative thoughts while undergoing these changes.

In the final section, you will put it all together and focus on the future. You will finalize the electronics usage contract, focus on what you have learned about yourself and your family, and work to create future goals for your children.
You Can Do This

Remember, change is difficult, especially for children At times your child will resist what you do. You will need to be strong while making these changes. In time, however, your family will be in a much more balanced state, able to use electronics responsibly.

Nathan Driskell, the author of this book, has used these techniques within his practice to help children and adolescents with addictions to the Internet and electronics. As a former Internet addict, Nathan has dedicated his life to helping others with this addiction to bring balance to their lives.
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