Mindset: Mindset Shift: Reprogram Your Mind And Unlock Your Potential For Success (Mindset) (Growth Mindset) (Business) (Psycho (Paperback)

Mindset: Mindset Shift: Reprogram Your Mind And Unlock Your Potential For Success (Mindset) (Growth Mindset) (Business) (Psycho By Pam Maxwell Cover Image
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Experience More Success In Your Daily Life By Adopting The Right Mindsets Haven't you ever wondered why there are people who always seem to excel in any field in which they choose to be a part of while, on the other hand, there are those unfortunate souls who often fail to standout despite their evident expertise on the field they're in? Truth is, success boils down to only one thing and that is a person's mindset. Mindset is a very powerful key to success that can define who you are as a person and direct the course of your life. Not many people are aware of this but a fixed mindset can serve as a massive hindrance for any individual but a healthy and flexible growth mindset can get any person through anything. Mindset Shift: Reprogram Your Mind to Unlock Your Potential for Success is an e-book that aims to provide you with a set of realistic and easy-to-follow steps on how you can reach your full potential by simply having a healthy and strong mindset. More importantly, it paves way for a critical discussion you might want to delve deep into as you figure out the relationship between self-esteem, lifestyle, success, and a healthy mindset. Contrary to popular belief, the biggest challenge a person has to confront in life is not monetary or love-related; rather, it's a challenge related to his or her very own mind because the most taxing and crucial challenge a person could ever encounter in his or her life is to construct a growth mindset which is strong enough to transform mistakes and failures into useful means of learning.
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ISBN: 9781530381142
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Publication Date: March 5th, 2016
Pages: 98
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