The Data-Driven Instructional Classroom: Teaching with Purpose and Passion (Paperback)

The Data-Driven Instructional Classroom: Teaching with Purpose and Passion By Jennifer Gilbert Cover Image
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Whether you're a new or veteran teacher, you're probably asking yourself the same questions:

How does this go with that?
How do I track this while teaching that?
How can I make sense of all the expectations?

Jennifer Gilbert, Ph.D., a lifelong educator, introduces a K.I.S.S. concept--Keeping it Simple and Sensible--in this guide that helps you meet and balance state expectations, school expectations, parents' expectations, students' expectations, and self-expectations.

While standardized tests have their shortcomings, they are a great way to measure how students are performing. They are an essential resource in inspecting prior-year data, setting goals, and tracking data.
Tests, however, are not the only tool at your disposal to determine whether your teaching is hitting the mark. The activities, assessments, and insights in this guide will help you gauge your effectiveness with ease and comfort.

Navigate school politics and create an atmosphere that is stress free--one that works for you, school administrators, parents, and students--with the lessons in The Data-Driven Instructional Classroom.

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ISBN: 9781532024641
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Publisher: iUniverse
Publication Date: June 28th, 2017
Pages: 98
Language: English