Madness Overrated (Paperback)

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Madness Overrated explores the mad dynamics of the consumption-based, growth-driven world and its undeniably powerful role in affecting virtually every aspect of our lives and reshaping our existence as humans.

The book presents deep-reaching observations on the human mind as it undergoes various changes while adapting to everything imposed onto it by society in the name of progress, productivity, and growth.

The author encourages the readers to ask themselves honest questions about the mad lives we live and thereby rediscover our natural curiosity to look inquisitively behind the facades of the many illusions we were made to believe. The author presents her vision for what the world looks like when experienced by balanced humans and what it means to really grow and make progress as a global society.

About the Author

Esra Kus is an Istanbul-based writer and scientist. She holds a PhD degree in Materials Science from the University of Southern California, Los Angeles. Esra worked as a researcher, scientist, and consultant in international institutions and companies for many years. Her specialization involved investigations into corrosion and degradation of engineering materials in varying environments. During recent years, her desire to understand what was happening to individuals in the growth-driven, aggressive world became much more compelling than researching what was happening to metals in corrosive solutions. As she made detailed observations in the corrosion laboratory over the years and characterized the reactions experienced by experimental material specimens in response to interactions with their aggressive surroundings, she started seeing unexpected analogies to her personal feelings in response to human interactions and societal dynamics. Esra conceived the idea of her first book, Madness Overrated, in 2015. In it, she questions the mad dynamics of our global society and explores the effects of our mass madness on the average person who is simply trying to make a living somewhere in the world.
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ISBN: 9781542502108
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Publication Date: January 11th, 2017
Pages: 138
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