Mastering Sourdough: Trapping, Tamining & Training Wild Yeast (Paperback)

Mastering Sourdough: Trapping, Tamining & Training Wild Yeast By Bettina M. Doucette, Jr. Doucette, Serge R. Cover Image
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Why Bother With Pre-ferments and Wild Yeast?Why return to the older, slower and more complex bread making when, with the advent of commercial yeast, the process became significantly more reliable and faster?Simply Answered: Pre-fermented breads (breads made by the indirect method) have a wonderful crust & crumb; taste much better, are healthier, and they're worth the effort You Will See That: The indirect method results in better crust, crumb and flavors.Pre-ferments allow for extended fermentation which bring out more flavors and adds to the structure of the dough.The use of pre-ferments increases the keeping quality of these breads, and can be kept for several weeks.The enzyme action in pre-ferments and sourdough starters begins the processing of starch particles and renders it more digestible to us. Nutrition is improved.Commercial Vs Wild YeastThose who haven't manufactured or worked with wild yeast may have a hard time fully appreciating this aspect of bread baking. Unlike commercial yeast, where all is "built in" and you just need to measure it out, wild yeast must not only be trapped and tamed; it must be trained and all the specifics of this must be accurately provided to others before a given sourdough formula can be reliably replicated. In spite of the key role their "mother" plays in the successful outcome, many sourdough formula authors provide little to no information about their Home Manufactured Yeast. In many cases, if information is provided, it is often insufficient to fully understand and replicate their starter/mother. Mastering Sourdough is a comprehensive, clear, organized, easy to read and use, step by step approach to the understanding and skill development necessary to make wonderful sourdough and other pre-fermented breads.- We address not only "how to do," but also "how to understand."- Our unique table presentation of each formula allows for more clarity, understanding and ease throughout the process of creating wonderful bread.- We focus on "Plain English" with attention to Clear & Concise Use of Terms.

About the Author

We began writing about our bread baking in 2013, which marked our 50 years of marriage. On May 18, 1963 at St Patrick's Catholic Church in Bay Shore, Long Island, we began a journey that continues to amaze us. We have been blessed with two daughters, grandchildren and great grandchildren, good friends, and many opportunities. We have been fortunate to travel about the world, as well as having seen and experienced the wonders of our own backyard. We are both retired, and enjoy having more time with family, friends and our two dogs, Winston & Missy. We are fortunate to be in good health and are involved with all kinds of activities. Some of our favorite and frequent are: bridge; book club; home remodeling; furniture refinishing; gardening; traveling to old and new places; and sharing our love of cooking and baking bread with others. We have truly enjoyed ourselves on this journey, even with the frustrations encountered along the way, and we hope that our efforts can become a positive part of your life. Bettina (Tina) & Serge (Mickey)
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