IP Design for Mobile Networks (Paperback)

IP Design for Mobile Networks By Mark Grayson, Kevin Shatzkamer, Scott Wainner Cover Image
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As the cellular world and the Internet converge, mobile networks are transitioning from circuit to packet and the Internet Protocol (IP) is now recognized as the fundamental building block for all next-generation communication networks. The all-IP vision provides the flexibility to deliver cost-effective services and applications that meet the evolving needs of mobile users. RF engineers, mobile network designers, and system architects will be expected to have an understanding of IP fundamentals and how their role in delivering the end-to-end system is crucial for delivering the all-IP vision that makes the Internet accessible anytime, anywhere. IP Design for Mobile Networks discusses proper IP design theory to effectively plan and implement your next-generation mobile network so that IP integrates all aspects of the network. The book outlines, from both a standards and a design theory perspective, both the current and target state of mobile networks, and the technology enablers that will assist the migration. This IP transition begins with function-specific migrations of specific network domains and ends with an end-to-end IP network for radio, transport, and service delivery. The book introduces many concepts to give you exposure to the key technology trends and decision points affecting today's mobile operators. The book is divided into three parts:
  • Part I provides an overview of how IP is being integrated into mobile systems, including radio systems and cellular networks.
  • Part II provides an overview of IP, the technologies used for transport and connectivity of today's cellular networks, and how the mobile core is evolving to encompass IP technologies.
  • Part III provides an overview of the end-to-end services network based on IP, including context awareness and services.
  • Presents an overview of what mobile networks look like today including protocols used, transport technologies, and how IP is being used for specific functions in mobile networks
  • Provides an all-inclusive reference manual for IP design theory as related to the broader application of IP for mobile networks
  • Imparts a view of upcoming trends in mobility standards to better prepare a network evolution plan for IP-based mobile networks
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About the Author

Mark Grayson is a Distinguished Consulting Engineer at Cisco with responsibility for leading its mobile architecture strategy. He has more than 15 years of experience in the wireless industry. He holds a first-class honors degree in electronics and communications engineering from the University of Birmingham (England) together with a Ph.D in radio communications and has been granted more than 50 patents in the area of mobile communications. Kevin Shatzkamer is a Customer Solutions Architect at Cisco with responsibility for long-term strategy and architectural evolution of mobile wireless networks. He has worked at Cisco and in the mobile wireless industry for nine years, focusing on various technologies ranging from GSM/UMTS to CDMA networks, packet gateway, networkbased services and security, video distribution, Quality of Service, and end-to-end design theory. Kevin has 16 pending patents related to all areas of work. Kevin holds a bachelor s in engineering from the University of Florida and a master s of business administration from Indiana University. Scott Wainner is a Distinguished Systems Engineer at Cisco, providing design and consulting support for the major U.S. service providers and enterprises. He joined Cisco in 1999 and has led the architectural development of next-generation IP/MPLS services while applying his innovative efforts toward the development VPN technologies and virtualized services. Scott consults with providers in the development of managed services while guiding Cisco in the development of critical IP technologies, such as session-border controllers, virtual private networks, and multimedia distribution systems. His latest development efforts have focused on group-encrypted security architectures for broadcast/multicast content and network virtualization for the enterprise VPN. Scott has most recently started architectural development of integrated services using IP Multimedia Systems. Prior to joining Cisco, Scott was the Director of Product Development at Qwest and Engineering Manager of Global IP Services at Sprint/GlobalOne. He has been active in the networking industry for more than 23 years, including participation in the IETF and IEEE."
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ISBN: 9781587058264
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Publisher: Cisco Press
Publication Date: June 1st, 2009
Pages: 531
Language: English